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For a peaceful world

Our software analyzes world conflict data and provides it in form of tables, graphics, statistics and geographic maps

Unique conflict analisys methodology

The techniques used in the calculation of the intensity of political conflicts have been developed at the University of Heidelberg, in particular at the Faculty of Political Science and apply when publishing the conflict barometer.


Interactive worldmaps, refugees, demolitions, casualities, intensities


News about political conflict worldwide. Information about last events, measures, escalations in time.


Integrated searching engine, country statistics, conflict measures overview


Our company combines the achievments of world-renowned political scientists with the newest technologies in the area of database programming, APIs, web programming and management of large amounts of data.

We were the first ones who developed a data entry system for political conflicts via browser that combines the most efficient frameworks, modules, plugins in various programming languages.

The enterred data is processed and immediately ready for use immediately.

The program code is modular and allow to update the methodological components of the project, formulas and algorithms for calculation of the intensity of conflicts in a very short time.

Our goal is not only to provide information about the conflicts, their origin and escalation, but also try to predict them using data of the past or ongoing conflicts. Many factors play a role in the formation of a political conflict.

Exploring information on past political conflicts in the region and particularly in this country stored in our database, we will set up beacons to warn our customers of a possible escalation of the political situation in the partucular country or even region.

The company aims to create the world's largest interactive web platform that can provide their customers information not only about political situation, but also the natural disasters that could occur in the region.

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